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CJ Alpacas

We are a farm based business, raising alpacas. We shear them in the Spring and harvest the fibre to make beautiful warm alpaca apparel. We have been in the alpaca business since 1996 and love sharing our products and lifestyle with others.

We offer for sale; yarn, quilt batting, alpaca socks, mittens, hats, scarves, blankets, insoles, duvet’s, nesting balls and dryer balls. Some of our product is made in Innisfail and Carstairs AB. There are fibre mills in both towns, which we send our fibre to and pay a processing fee to receive finished product. Other products that we sell are handmade by myself and our daughter. My husband does all the shearing and our son, daughter and myself work along side to do the annual care of all the alpacas on our farm. My job is to sort all the alpaca fibre by hand and decide what will be made out of it.


Exhibitors, October 28 & 29th